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Welcome to MAKS School! We are so glad you are visiting our web site.We will constantly try to create a perfect environment in which to impart holistic education to the child – intellectual, physical, moral and spiritual.

Our aim will always be to faster a keen sense of curiosity in the child which will spark his or her own interest for self-learning.And, we shall accomplish this by making learning a joyous experience at all times.

With a warm and welcoming atmosphere, dedicated teachers our School is a wonderful place to teach and to learn.

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The Pre Primary School comprises Nursery.

Pre Primary School

Early childhood and Play school education is a phase of introducing children to fundamental learning through the use of a medium that is engaging, less straining and more recreational in nature.

The Pre Primary School comprises Nursery, Jr. KG & Sr.KG . At play schools, children are exposed to a lot of basic preschool learning activities that help them to get independent faster.

Primary School

Quality education empowers children and young people, safeguards their health and well-being. This part of their educational journey promotes critical thinking, development of their own learning style, and character development.

The Primary School program comprises Grades I to V. The teaching and learning methodology is interdisciplinary; the motto behind this is to ensure maximum growth of each learner.

The Primary School program comprises Grades I to IV

This comprises Grades V to VII and is a transitional stage for the learner

Middle School

The middle school student needs to learn empathy, respect, self-advocacy, time management, teamwork, critical thinking, conflict resolution, and communication skills. These skills lay the foundation for success in high school, college, and the working world.

This comprises Grades VI to X and is a transitional stage for the learner. It is not only interdisciplinary in its approach but also focuses on exploration and journal based learning.

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