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About Mamasaheb Khandge English Medium School (MAKS) .

Welcome to MAKS School! We are so glad you are visiting our web site, and we hope it will help you get to know our school.With a warm and welcoming atmosphere, dedicated teachers our School is a wonderful place to teach and to learn.

MAKS School is committed to academic excellence. Together the staff and students of MKEMS work toward clearly focused educational, personal, and social goals. Parents are strongly encouraged to become involved in the school. When parents attend school functions, they demonstrate to their children that they value school and education. Attending events such as School Annual Exhibition, School’s Annual Day, Sports Day and open houses and coming to PTA meetings are all important ways that parents learn about what’s going on at school.

Parents are informed about school policies, procedures, academics, and events through a variety of channels. The Back-to-School packet which goes home with the students on the first day of school contains information about school, rules and procedures, behavior expectations, the school calendar, and other essential information. During the year parents stay informed through classroom notices.

“The father of the unrest India”, Lokmanya, Mr. Bal Gangadhar Tilak started Nutan Maharashtra Vidya Prasarak Mandal in Talegaon Dabhade . The aim behind was to impart training and national education to young Indians for achieving freedom from Britishers. The NMVPMS is the pride institution of Talegaon city as it has completed 100 years in serving education to people. The first school of NMVPMS was Samarth Vidyalaya through which Indians were taking national education for freedom. In this way NMVPMS had given its contribution in freedom movement, which inspired many freedom fighters including shahid Shri Vinshu Ganesh Pingle.

It very proud that today NMVPMS having six schools , three senior colleges, one junior college, one polytechnique college , one engineering college and one CBSE affiliated school in Talegaon. The Director of NMVPMS late Hon. Shri. Mamasaheb Khandge, started NutanVidyaMandir in Talegaon in his own private premises. In 1990, Hon Mamasaheb Khandge spent Rs 200000/- for renovation of NMVPM’s Samarth School. He was president of NMVPMS for the period from 1975 to 1990 .The legacy was carried forward by Hon Shri Vasant dada Khandge, who chaired the NMVMPS. Today this great institution has been led by former MLA, Hon Shri Krishnaraoji Bhegade. Continuing the footsteps of forefathers, Mr.Santosh Khandge, the grandson of Hon Mr.Mamasaheb Khandge is the secretary of NMVPM. Mr.Ganesh Khandge is the chairman of the CBSE school Mamasaheb Khandge English Medium School.

On June 7, 2010, Shri Vasantdada Khandge and Shri Ganeshji Khandge started the 1st CBSE school, under the banner of NMVPM. The sole purpose of this school was to give high quality education in English medium to the rural masses in and around Maval region. NMVPM has supported this cause by donating of 2 acres of its land. This huge premises you see today was once started in the two classrooms of SamarthaVidyalaya with 20 students. Today, the school has completed 5 years, carrying classes till 7th standard and having total strength of 520. The school has also received the CBSE affiliation for Higher Secondary classes.

Today, the school has its own premises with state of the art facilities with capacity of 28 rooms including well equipped Computer Lab ,Science Lab, Maths Lab and separate activity room. With its emphasis to impart quality education to Children, keeping in pace with the digital world, school has 5 SMART BOARDS, which gives multimedia interactive education to students. We are proud to mention here that, MAKS is the 1st school in the region providing Multimedia Interactive Education to students. It shows commitment of the management to give quality education to the students. School has qualified and well experienced team of educators. The school has also provided the facility of student’s insurance coverage considering the safety and security of students. MAKS is the only school in the region, providing such facility at no extra cost to students.

Our today’s students are the responsible citizens of tomorrow. Sound Mind lives in Sound Body. Hence, school is also on the verge of starting sports Academy for the student, whereby they would learn the rules of the game and earn pride of themselves in sports. In today’s world, besides basic needs of Food, Clothes and Shelter, Education has become essential tool of human well-being. The Khandge family has continued it’s commitment towards society and supported every single initiativefor betterment of the students of MAKS and has assured full support in the future projects also.

  • Ask your child questions about what he/she learned in school that day. (“What did you learn in math today? ” or “ What stories are you reading in school? ”)
  • Read to your child every day.
  • Check your child’s school calendar daily for letters or notices about upcoming events.
  • Call the school or email the principal or teacher if you have any questions or concerns.
  • Attend PTA general meetings to learn about school events.
  • Assist your child with homework assignments by creating a quiet environment to work.

  • Enhancing creativity Energizing Environment Use of Advanced Technology.
  • Spacious smart classrooms.
  • Well equipped Learning Resources Centre.
  • Well trained teaching staff.
  • Adequate transport facility.
  • Field trips, Picnics,Educational trips,Adventure Camps.
  • Sports and fitness program/ Splash pool.
  • Organizing External Exam : SPELL BEE,Olympiads,Intermidiate,Elementary exams,Marathon exams
  • Scholastic as well as Co- scholastic activities to explore the skills and talents.
  • Transport Facility.

  • To provide a warm, secure and caring environment in which each individual child feels safe,comfertable and happy.
  • Provide high quality education ad children where young where children investigate and explore a well-planned,imaginative and challenging environment both indoor and outdoor.
  • We aim to provide as many opportunities as possible to enable parents/ careers to feel fully involved in their child's learning and devolvement.
  • Encourage children to become independent and provide a gentle ad safe introduction to an educational setting to build the child's confidence.
  • Maintain high standards of education and childcare through a commitment to the professional development and ongoing training of all members of staff..
  • To inspire children to discover that learning for life is fascinating....FUNFILD!!!

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